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Group travelling for teams  made easier 

HalfwayBot helps Slack teams to search, plan and book their travels. Let him be your personal travel concierge. He would really love that  ♥

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Smart Integration

You can symlessly synchroniza Halfway App to your Slack conversation. HalfwayBot delivers personalized travel products in a new way. It engages personally with Slack teams and their members providing customized travel advice. Use it with your teammates as a group travel organising tool or on your own as your personal travel agent.

Conversational Interface

At Halfway we're moving towards conversational interface, keeping simplicity and usability at the core of the trip planning. This is why we have decided to create our own Slackbot. Slack is today's go-to-tool for ongoing conversations. HalfwayBot aims to make it a space for travel organising between fellow teammates.

Personal Travel Concierge

HalfwayBot takes care of all your travels. he can help you with out with inspirational search and discovering of new destinations. When it's time to do a flight booking - he is always there to help you. He will also remeber all your itineraries and your search history - allerting you when the flight prices are about to drop.

Build for Everybody

HalfwayBot and Halfway app itself are travel tools created for users with various needs. We have managed to create an engaging solution that different travelers can use.


Business Travelers

For businesses of all kinds travel is a catalyst to the development of relationships and deals on every level. It doesn't matter wheather you're a startup founder, a corporate manager or a remote developer you can leverage smart travel to boost your work/business efforts. Halfway App and HalfwayBot will provide plenty of ways to save up and profit from a business trip. You can move business travel organising to Slack. We help business people to centralize travel organising processes and tracking itineraries. We treat each user in a personalised way diffentating our offer specifically for business customers. With Halfway you and your coworkers can travel easier, faster, cheaper.

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Leisure Travelers

Couples, friends, families, we know how to bring you closer. Plus, we know how to bring you relevant choices before you even ask for them. Tailored travel choices will makie it easier for you to plan your next vacation. Because we know you better, we can serve you better. HalfwayBot delivers outstanding, tailored customer service. Faster and cheaper than personal travel agents. Plus it's always there to help all of you - right there is your Slack conversation 24/7.

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Adventure Travelers

Halfway App lets you discover the joy of authentic travel. With us you can e a real traveler not just a tourist. We pursue more individual approaches to provide travelers with customized destinations and travel products to best meet their needs. Halfway App brings personalization at the earliest stage of travel organizing - travel inspirations, search upto booking. With us you can discover boutique destinations and go off the beaten path. Jump from mainstream tourism to authentic travel experiences with Halfway App and your personal travel concierge HalfwayBot.

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